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Fine Hardwood Furniture Crafted With Excellence

Enjoy fine furniture that fits perfectly with the style of your home or business. Our pieces are for indoor use only and can be made in a variety of woods and finishes.

Before we get started on your custom furniture, we will gather all the details for the project, including the types of materials you'd like us to use to the type of piece you'd like us to create. We require payment for the design, raw materials, and hardware up front with the final payment due once the final product is complete.

Furniture Built with Attention to Detail

Each one of our custom items is unique and built to stand the test of time. They make great family heirlooms and can be passed down to future generations to be enjoyed for years to come. We typically create traditional, modern, and post-modern styles; however, our craftsman can reproduce anything from Early American to present-day pieces. Some of the types of hardwood furniture we make include:

• Matching Table & Chairs
• Hutches
• Dressers
• Coat Racks
• Lanterns
  • Cradles
  • Step Stools
  • Dining Room Cabinets
  • Bookshelves & Bookcases
  • Entertainment Centers

• Bowls
• Cutting Boards
• Chests
• Desks

A FEW Examples

Child's Maple Dining Room Chair!  Displayed inside my messy office is a just completed hard maple dining chair for my granddaughter.  It is finished in 4 coats of "Tried and True" satin oil finish and adorned with a pillow designed and produced by "ahappylittleplace" on Etsy.  Inscribed on the top is a brass plate that says "To my Granddaughter Rhiannon from Pop Pop, 2018.  It is an heirloom, shouldn't your granddaugher have one?  $750.

Walnut Chest Of Drawers

This is a solid walnut chest of drawers built 30 years ago.  Its one of my favorite pieces and it has held up extremely well.  It is stained in a dark walnut stain and no other finish applied.  Sometimes raw wood looks best.   Call me and I'll build one for you to your exact specifications.  $2,000.

Customer Feedback:  "This piece gets compliments from everyone who sees it.  It is sturdy, functional and looks very nice as well.  Laundry time is much easier and when I am not doing laundry, I have a great piece of furniture that people ask about and are interested in finding for themselves.   It's wonderful for laundry but serves as a useful temporary holding place for groceries and other items as well".   $1000.

Walnut Hanging Lanterns

Two quaint solid walnut wall lanterns with antique glass panels.  Just add the candle and stick and you'll have a very romantic environment for loving in your bedroom!   Why not?  $500.

Solid Cherry Night Stand

Need a nightstand or two next to your bed?  This one is made of solid cherry and is waiting to be finished for the customer.  I also make these with sides and drawers for holding C-PAP machines in place during restless sleeps!  $250.

Solid Ash 6 Panel Front Door

A 6 panel ash backdoor (pictured upside down) waiting for a strong finish to weather the winter elements and for warm weather to install.   Built according to customer's exact specifications.  Installation in June!  $4000.

oak hutch

This is a 25 year old solid oak dining room hutch replicated from a picture in an early American antique furniture book.  True in every detail to the original.  $5,000.

Coat Rack

Custom Solid Oak Corner Coat Rack

Hey, you gotta have something to hang your hat and coat on!  $250.

cherry cabinet

A brand new solid cherry book case with water glass panels.   Can be used to display curios, small books, or DVDs!  $2000.

More Custom Made Solid Furniture

Recent additions to our portfolio are these beautiful solid wood cabinets and doors.  Wow, wouldn't it be great to come home to these?

Custom Mahogany Entry Door

This is a custom made mahogany entry door with Baldwin Brass hardware and a stained glass-double pane insulated window.  Coated with 4 layers of clear Spar Varathane to preserve the grain of the wood.  It could be yours for only $5,000.  Please ignore the shop in the background!  Sorry.

Custom Oak Corner Cabinet

This is a beautiful, custom made oak corner cabinet.  It is stained with a coat of red mahogany and covered with two layers of shelac polished by hand.  The top is independent from the bottom and has two glass oak leaf panels.  It could be yours for only $5,000.

Custom Ash Entry Door

This is a custom made ash 6 panel entry door with solid brass Schlage hardware enclosed in a solid ash door frame.  This particular one is called a "Metadoor" because when you walk through it you step out into a paradise pine forest.  Already sold!  Sorry.