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Welcome to the Decorative Art page!  Below are several examples of the kinds of wooden artwork that Thomas Anthony Furniture can do for you.  If you have an idea for a special piece of wooden art you would like in your home, we can make that idea a reality.  Just call us or email us and we will start a discussion that will lead to a design and a creation.  Or if you want to buy an original hand made item shown below, just email us and we will arrange your purchase.   We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.  Here are a few of our products...

Fun To look at, Satisfying to own!

Can you tell which of these items started out as a log and then was shaped into its current form?  Yes, that's right!  All of them!

Miskeet Bowl

This is a piece of Mexican mesquite wood log turned into a bowl and finished in amber shellac.  Its a beauty.  Notice the natural log rim preserved for an elegant  finished look.  $100. To order one just call (720) 996-1290 or email me at

Cutting Board

This end grain cutting board will outlast its maker.  It is made of hard maple and walnut and is 14" long by 14" wide by 2" thick!  $250.  You can order one today for your beautiful kitchen, just call (720) 996-1290 or email

Ash Potpourri

This attractive piece is made out of the side of an ash tree and finished in clear shellac.  Notice the bark intact on the front side of the piece.  It can be used as a potpourri holder to freshen up your living room.  $100.  To order just call (720) 996-1290 or email

Maple Bowl

This is a hard maple bowl sanded to 1500 grit and finished in a clear shellac.  Some beautiful grain patterns here!  $100. To order just call (720) 996-1290 or email

Keep on Scrolling Down for More!

wood you buy me? :)  Get it?

Dried Flower Stem Base

This is a hard maple vase 6 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.  Great for storing pens and pencils or loose keys or whatever you need to keep in one place.  $100.  To order call (720) 996-1290 or email

Wine Glasses

His and hers wine glasses?  Wine not! Made out of ash and finished in clear shellac.  Cheers!  $100.  To order call (720) 996-1290 or email

Maple Plate

Beautiful maple plate with a green inlay on the rim and finished in amber shellac.  Perfect as a happy holiday wraped candy dish.  $100.  To order just call (720) 996-1290 or email

This is a solid cherry hollow vessel with part of the tree bark intact and a natural sap crevice in the wood itself.  Perfect for pencils and pens, dried flowers, or perhaps a hiding place for love notes.   $150.  To order just call (720) 996-1290 or email

Keep on Scrolling Down for More!

Exotic wooden treasures forever!

Pepper Mill

12" Canary wood pepper mill turned to perfection!  Two inch diameter core with flare top and bottom and grip rings on the side.  Finished in non-toxic salad bowl oil.  Notice the matching grain top to bottom. :) Order a matching salt and peper mill ($250.00) at (720) 996-1290 or


Lanterns?  They come in handy when the lights go out and you and your partner need to find each other!  This one is made out of Mexican mesquite wood, and a glass bottle inserted to hold lamp oil.  It produces a wonderful warm atmosphere when the lights are out!  $100.

Walnut Pen

Distinguish yourself at work with hand made pens and pencils made of exotic hardwoods! Sign your next major decision with a unique writing instrument that is one of a kind!  $100. To order call (720) 996-1290 or email

Maple Wine Bottle Stopper

Hard maple wine bottle stopper to keep your wine fresh and tasty!  Use them over and over again.  Or give them out as gifts to your wine tasting club members.  I can make them out of any kind of wood., you name it.  $50.  To order call (720) 996-1290 or email

More Fine Art!

These pieces are just plain beautiful and they are all made out of solid wood from North and South America.

Wooden Art Vase

This custom vase is made for a dry flowers display.  It is turned out of a block of solid Purpleheart wood and glazed with clear shelac.  The deep purple color is the true color of the wood.  It is gorgeous!  $250.

Wooden Art Globe

This piece is made out of solid ash and wenge from Africa.  The title of the piece is "Humanity: One Origin, Many Destinations" as it traces the path and spread of humanity from East Africa (our origin) to the rest of the globe.  $10,000.

Maple & Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

This is a very nice end grain cutting board made out of hard maple and walnut.  It can be used as a cutting board or a beautiful peice of art display on your table.  $250.